Introduced on February 3, 2017 by Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, H.R. 861 (Link to the Bill’s information and can be tracked) calls for the termination of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Background of the EPA:

The EPA was formed December 2, 1970 after President Richard Nixon used an Executive Order to establish regulatory control on bills passed by Congress to ensure the environment and human health would not be harmed. The Executive Order was approved by Congress a short time later.

The EPA conducts environmental assessments, research, and education as well as being in charge of enforcing environmental policies.

Just a few of the policies that the EPA has brought forth to us:

  1. Clean Water
  2. Clean Air
  3. Restrictions on Oil Pollution
  4. The Air Quality Model
  5. Fuel Economy
  6. Restrictions on Pesticides
  7. Energy Star

This is just a few, I would encourage people to research and get to know exactly what the EPA does for this planet.

In 2016  the EPA carried an $8.1 Billion (2.07% of total expenditures) budget while the defense/military budget was $583.5 Billion (14.89% of total expenditures, 54% of discretionary spending). For those who are reaching for their calculators the EPA gets 1.38% of what the defense/military gets.

You would think there are more effective places to make budget cuts to bring the national debt (a whole different topic for another day) down. After all with our budget for military it would take the next 7 nations to match (China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, United Kingdom, India, and Germany).

Now I get that national security is important but not all threats come from foreign sources. We live on this land and without going on a great expansion of territory through a costly war, there isn’t much of Earth left for the United States to try expanding to. Keeping the land we have is going to be key for the lasting survivability of our species.

This is a bill to keep an eye on and should it get out of committee be ready to mobilize and get in contact with representatives. It is important that we protect our land, environment, and this planet, not just for us, but the future generations as well.