Trump’s administration began with a campaign ran on a vague construct of making America great again. While many of Trump’s executive orders have threatened the values of this nation one in particular stepped over the line when the President signed an executive order to ban immigrants and refugees from seven predominately Muslim countries. In doing this the administration left many travelers stranded at airports around the world, including those who were already vetted and provided with Green Cards.

The response from the people has become a beacon of hope as people from all backgrounds have come together to protest and resist the destructive policies of the Trump regime. The people of America have begun to unite in a resistance founded on the belief that we are a country of immigrants, a country who depends on those who sought sanctuary from war and oppression. A country that understands what truly makes America great, is the people who reside in this country whether they were born here or came to our shores chasing the American dream.

We are a resilient people and through our history we have been able to overcome all threats to this great nation. We will overcome this one, stay strong, unite there are going to be tough times ahead. As long as we stand united we will come out of this better than we started, which means that through his horrible actions, Trump will keep one of his campaign promises (with really the credit going to the people of America) of making America Great again.