Alright, let’s talk about this wall that the President wants built along our southern boarder. It was a major campaign slogan & promise that was used to gain voters. At first its was stated that Mexico would pay for the wall, that was retracted and the people were told that we would pay for it but Mexico would pay us back. Ill get into why the wall won’t fix the problem in a second. I want to go over the proposed method of paying for this $15-$30 Billion monstrosity.

The President stated that we have a $60 Billion trade deficit with Mexico and that was one of his ideas to get Mexico to pay for it. Basically he is thinking, we will build the wall, you wipe some of that debt. The President clearly doesn’t understand what the term trade deficit means.

Obviously we need a definition. Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

trade def·i·cit ˌtrād ˈdefəsət/noun

1. the amount by which the cost of a country’s imports exceeds the value of its exports.

In this case we exported X product and received payment and we imported Y product and paid. Trade deficits demonstrate that we are importing more goods then exporting when it comes to our relationship with Mexico.

This does not mean we owe Mexico $60 Billion. Which scraps the current idea of the President getting his wall.   The other part to consider on trying to get Mexico pay for the wall is that THEY DO NOT WANT IT. The Mexican President came out this week and stated he would not have his country pay for something that goes against their values.

The last part about this wall is that it does not entirely fix the problem, there are already areas with walls and people are still entering the country. That is due to tunnel systems that allow for these people to enter the country underground. When people are desperate they will take any measure to reach their goal. The wall would a way to slow down, temporarily illegal immigrants but once the tunnels were completed we would be back where we started. Except for the massive wall and the black mark on our history.

Alright so let’s say the wall is going to be built. The American people need to realize there will not be any outside help in building it. It will be our tax money that pays for it. If the majority are alright footing that bill, then based on my standing with democracy I would be in approval as well. I wouldn’t agree with it, but I would not fight it.

Be educated, know what the terms mean. This is not the first time a politician has misused a term to incite fear and confusion on a topic, remember the debt ceiling?