Introduction, a declaration of sorts. In the new United States there is a growing need for organized, educated thought. Gone are the days in which I have wanted to approach this through the social media arguments that feel more like hitting my head against a post.

The idea of this blog came from one particular argument. I wanted a better platform to inform from. So here we are, the underground network. The intent of this blog is overall political in nature. My goal is to maintain a sense of reality without extremism in the writings here. I want this to become a source for friends and family to get dependable, researched out, vetted information on the happenings around the state, country, and globe.

It is only fair that I reveal my political beliefs and where I stand.

I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican, neither party has done a great job representing my beliefs in this country. I believe in the concept of democracy and that the Constitution set the United States up well to be a Democratic Republic.

That being said I don’t fall in the Libertarian ideals either as I do believe the government has an important role to play in a country and that there are parts of the Constitution that are outdated and should be re-evaluated to better fit this century.

My arguments are based on the concept of this democracy. Our leaders are elected by us, to represent us. When they fail to represent the will of the American people and look more to the corporations and elites they are no longer doing their service to this country. That’s right I believe it is a privilege and a service to be a representative and the role should be treasured. For something to be treasured there needs to be a fear of losing it, this means representatives should be fearful of the people if the representative strays from the goals of their constituents.

More of my beliefs and views of this great nation will come in the rest of my writings. For now, welcome to The Underground Network.