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"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." – Thomas Jefferson (As Quoted by the Richmond Enquirer, December 30, 1834)


Las Vegas, its the talk pretty much everywhere I look this week. Every time we have a shooting like this the whole span of emotions take over. I found this article published by Sky News in the UK. It talks... Continue Reading →


There will be a new post this week. Life was busy getting married and all. We are approaching a tipping point, now more than ever is the time to resist the direct threat to the American Ideals.


This is quite simple. This is a call to action. There are 2 legislative bills happening that need to be stopped. Federal Level: H.R. 899 - To terminate the Department of Education. Introduced February 7th, 2017 by Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas Massie.... Continue Reading →

Inaugural Address 

​The following is an unbastardized, unadulterated recap of Donald J Trump's inauguration speech. Included are links to show the progress he has made with the promises he made to the American people. This is in no means a comprehensive list,... Continue Reading →

3 Weeks In

It's that time to review the Executive actions President Trump has taken. This is the follow-up for the post The First 11 Days and just as a reminder here are the differences between the 3 types of Executive Action: Presidential Proclamation... Continue Reading →

H.R. 861

Introduced on February 3, 2017 by Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, H.R. 861 (Link to the Bill's information and can be tracked) calls for the termination of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Background of the EPA: The EPA was formed December 2,... Continue Reading →

The first 11 days.

This is an informative post on Donald Trump's first 11 days in office. The source I use for the information on what the White House is doing comes directly from their website: White House. It has been 11 days since Donald Trump... Continue Reading →


Trump's administration began with a campaign ran on a vague construct of making America great again. While many of Trump's executive orders have threatened the values of this nation one in particular stepped over the line when the President signed an... Continue Reading →

The Wall

Alright, let's talk about this wall that the President wants built along our southern boarder. It was a major campaign slogan & promise that was used to gain voters. At first its was stated that Mexico would pay for the... Continue Reading →

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